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Welcome!  What is Hurter Foods For Home?

HFFH is an endeavor to provide convenient, fresh, restaurant quality food products to you and your family at affordable prices.  We are able to combine the highest level quality, low cost and quantity by placing orders straight to the manufacturer. 

How can we do that? 

My supplier is Hurter Food Distributors, a locally owned and operated family business since 1952, that services restaurants in the Berks, Montgomery and Chester county areas.  Hurter Food Distributors is a wholesale food business that purchases restaurant quality food products straight from the manufacturer in large quantities to service restaurants.  Now we want YOU to benefit from the convenience, quality, freshness and low cost of buying in bulk from a restaurant supplier!

Buying in quantity has many benefits: 

     Buying in quantity keeps your cost low, supplies your family with multiple meals and keeps your refrigerator/freezer full for spontaneous events.  Sharing an order with family, friends and neighbors is a great way to keep the cost even lower, allowing for split orders, more variety and storage space.  There's nothing more convenient than having a full fridge and freezer!
     Events such as family picnics, tailgating, block parties, pizza parties, holiday parties, church and work functions and on and on become easy to shop for and ultimately easy to prepare for.  We will provide the quality, quantity and freshness you're looking for!

Our Guarantee:
*Top product quality
*Peak product freshness
*Low wholesale prices

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